Saudi Arabia market: new SASO regulation (SALEEM-SABER)

The Saudi standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has recently announced a new reviewing of the procedures for products (including furniture) imported/exported in Saudi Arabia.

This process foresees changes in the Saudi compliance system: the so-called SALEEM, a new product and shipment safety Programme, which replaces the previous SASO Certificate of Conformity (CoC) Programme.

SASO has therefore developed its own electronic certification system called SABER entered into force from 1th of February 2018. This system allows importers to launch the application online for the certification for products destined to the Saudi market. The information relating to the furnishing products must also include the test reports issued by a Third Party Laboratory for the verification of compliance and safety requirements, as well as the shipment documents drawn up by a Certification Body approved by SASO.

Cosmob, as a Third Party Laboratory for the compliance tests required by the country, in partnership with Intertek experts, an international Certification Body approved by SASO, is at your disposal for further information about the requirements for exporting in Saudi Arabia and other Countries.

Cosmob S.p.A. Stefano Ottavi / Sales Manager