The first “Made in Italy Furniture” Certificate

In the past few days the first “Italian furniture origin” certification has been officially granted according to the new product certification joint scheme of Catas and Cosmob. To receive it the company Fantoni (Osoppo, Udine), has completed all the inspection and verification steps for its collection of office desks “Woods”, checking both the production process and the final  product itself. So Fantoni now represents the first “testimonial” of a mark that will increasingly become, at an international level, an immediate tool to recognize the Italian origin and quality, verified by the two most important national laboratories active in the wood-furniture sector.

The new product certification is now definitely operative. This is the result of the commitment of the two Italian institutes who ­– based on the provisions of the Italian standard UNI 11674 “Furniture – Requirements for the determination of the Italian origin of furniture” – decided to invest their own skills and resources to define a protocol by which checking, monitoring and certifying with “objective rules” the quality of the “made in Italy” product.

“This is a very important mark for which we have worked with conviction, together with the friends of Cosmob, since the drafting of the national standard (UNI 11674). And it is a particular satisfaction for us that the first to achieve the certificate is one of the lead companies of the Italian industry”, said Andrea Giavon, Catas Managing Director.

“Finally, now we have a mark which is recognized all over the world to protect both the production origin and the compliance with the safety requirements of the current European standards”, Alessio Gnaccarini, Cosmob Manager Director, added.

First of all process requirements, in order to identify the locations where the relevant working phases of the production cycle take place in Italy; secondly product requirements, because furniture manufactured in Italy can not but guarantee some minimum requirements mainly linked to safety for end users.

Not only that: double checks, as both institutions, CATAS and COSMOB, come into play in the certification issuing. The company applying for the certification, first of all chooses with which institute to operate; the same institute is in charge of the periodic inspections, product sampling and laboratory tests. All the findings of this activity are subsequently shared with the second institute and the final resolution about certification granting is, therefore, the result of a joint work. A rigorous procedure that further strengthens the principles that must be at heart of this mark.

Mr Paolo Fantoni, Fantoni President, directly riceived the first “Made in Italy” certificate (n° 001/2018): “Today we are opening a new way that, we are sure, will soon be followed by many other Italian companies”, proudly said Mr Fantoni. “For our “Woods” collection, as for all our products, we carry out in Italy all the working processes on semi-finished products and on the products themselves, constantly addressing to external testing laboratories to test the safety and quality of the result of our work. The Italian furniture origin certification we have achieved represents an important milestone for us, the last piece of a mosaic that attests every day our desire to be an Italian company and our attention to quality and consumer’s safety”.