For quality-conscious companies, we offer a continuous certification service called CQP "COSMOB Qualitas Praemium", which aims to increase product performance, protect the manufacturer and enhance the value of the entire production through a five step iter of certification (application, audit, testing, certificate emission and monitoring).

The achievement of the CQP brand "COSMOB Qualitas Praemium" is a guarantee of product / process compliance to specific technical requirements, periodically monitored throughout the certification period (3 years plus renewal). The CQP brand ensures to company and consumers a verified and consistent quality in time.

 CQP: premium quality! 

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We offer technical support for the achievement of the following certifications:

Verification of compliance with the CAM regulation - Furnishings.

CAMs are defined within the framework of Plan for environmental sustainability of consumption in the public administration sector and are adopted by Decree of Minister of Environment for Protection of the Territory and the Sea. In Italy, the effectiveness of CAM has been ensured thanks to art. 18 of Law 221/2015 and, subsequently, to art. 34 bearing "Energy and environmental sustainability cirteria" of Legislative Decree 50/2016 56/2017), which have made it mandatory for all contracting stations to apply it.

The carbon footprint, or "carbon footprint", evaluate the impact of the product on the environment, expressing the total greenhouse gas emissions in CO2 equivalent.

Product Carbon Footprint includes quantification of all greenhouse gas emissions throughout the product life cycle, from raw material extraction to final product disposal.

La CO2 Fixed, relativa all'impronta di carbonio di prodotti in legno, è uno strumento di calcolo e comunicazione delle proprietà ecologiche di prodotto d'arredo, sviluppato da COSMOB in collaborazione con AIDIMME (Spagna) l'Istituto Tecnologico Metalmeccanico, Legno-Arredo, Imballaggi ed affini.

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Quality in the edging process.

The objective is to implement an effective system of control and monitoring of company edging processes, through laboratory tests and tests, in order to guarantee a high quality result that is constant over time.


Quality in the varnishing process.

The objective is to implement an effective system of control and monitoring of company varnishing processes, through laboratory tests, in order to guarantee a high quality result that is constant over time.

Control of volatile pollutant emissions and compliance with the LEED Regulation.

The objective is to provide a verification of compliance with the Decree Law of 10 October 2008 (class E1) and documental verification of U.S. EPA TSCA Title VI / CARB P2 (American standards). The objective of the certification is to provide a concrete support to the companies for the adaptation to the requisites foreseen by the Law Decree 10 October 2008 and by the American Standards U.S. EPA TSCA Title VI / CARB P2 mandatory for furniture manufacturers.

Verification of compliance with the Decree Law 10 October 2008 (class E1). The objective of the certification is to provide concrete support to companies for compliance with the requirements of the Decree of 10 October 2008 and mandatory for panel manufacturers

Certification in compliance to the German BAnz AT regulation 11/26/2018 B2 and IOS-MAT0003 and IOS-MAT 0181 standards.

From 1 of January 2020 new limits concerning the emission of formaldehyde from raw and coated wood based panels will come into effect on the German market. This news was published in the German Official Gazette (BAnz AT 26/11/2018 B2) and it should be noted that or the evaluation of formaldehyde emissions a new reference method is introduced: EN 16516 entitled “Construction products: assessment of release of dangerous substances - Determination of emissions into indoor air”.


ECOlabel (EC Regulation No. 1980/2000) is the European ecological quality brand that rewards the best environmental products and services, which can thus be differentiated from those of the competition, maintaining high standards of technical performance.

The label certifies that the product or service has a reduced environmental impact throughout its entire life cycle. COSMOB was accredited, the first in Italy, to carry out the tests necessary for the release of the ECOlabel for the Wood-Furniture sector.

Control of volatile pollutant emissions and compliance with the LEED Regulation.

The objective is to provide concrete support to companies that want to control the risk of potential emissions of harmful substances (Formaldehyde and VOC) of their products. The objective is also to verify the conformity of the products to the requirements defined by the main European and international rules and regulations, such as the LEED.

LEED standards, developed by the USGBC (United States Green Building Council) and also applied in Italy thanks to the work of GBC Italia, set the requirements for building environmentally sustainable buildings, both from an energy point of view and from the consumption of all environmental resources involved in the manufacturing process.

COSMOB is able to support companies that want to verify product compliance to LEED requirements.

The CE marking - DoP (Performance Declaration) is mandatory for those who intend to market a product in the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA).

COSMOB provides technical support to comply with Community legislation necessary to obtain CE marking on:

- Panels
- Dividing walls
- Kitchen sinks
- Shower walls
- Washbasins
- Whirlpools

The label "High Quality Certified Mattress" ensures that products manufactured meet the requirements and standards provided by regulations described by the CQP "COSMOB Qualitas Praemium - Certified High Quality Mattress":

- mattress measures and tolerances;
- functional characteristics;
- performance requirements;
- absence of allergenic and carcinogenic dyes;
- low emission of volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde.

Pittogramma IT

UNI 11674: 2017 "Furniture - Requirements for the determination of the Italian origin of furniture" describes a useful model for the determination of Italian origin and the safety and durability of furniture products, in accordance with current national legislation and international.

COSMOB and Catas in partnership with Federlegno Arredo release the certification "Made in Italy - Italian furniture Catas-Cosmob" the first certification of the furniture that allows to declare the italian origin of the furniture products in accordance with the current regulations.



Export USA

The Environmental Protection Agency, has published the final legislation regulating formaldehyde emissions from panels and furniture: sold, manufactured and imported in the United States, with important consequences for manufacturers, suppliers and retailers who intend to export in this country.

The requirements laid down in the Regulation resume as required by the CARB Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM).

Evaluation of product circularity.

Measurement of circularity is an essential requirement to allow us to pursue concrete actions and achieve measurable results, to tend towards greater transparency for the market and for the consumer. In this sense, Cosmob offers companies the service for evaluating the circularity of the product by measuring the resources used and the economy in managing these resources with respect to the life cycle of a product.


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