Resistance of surfaces to temperature changes: the new UNI 9429

The main standard for assessing the effect of temperature changes on the surfaces of wooden artefacts and furniture has been updated.
The standard does not apply to leather surfaces, coated fabrics, natural and synthetic textiles.

The main changes introduced concern the typology and evaluation of tested samples: as far as the typology is concerned, the new standard is in fact also applicable to finished products and not only to ad hoc samples taken from them.

With reference to the visual analysis performed after the test, ANNEX A – Examples of drop assessment has been removed; in fact, in the new version the assessment of the drop in the gloss level of the finish is no longer required.

Furthermore, with regard to normative references, reference to the standard UNI EN 17214:2019 – Visual assessment of furniture surfaces has been added, and the standard on colorimetry has been replaced with UNI EN ISO 18314-1:2019 – Colorimetry – Part 1: Measurement of colour.

This standard is of great importance as it is referred to in the UNI/TR 11654:2020 – Office furniture – Standard technical specifications for the supply of office desks and tables, storage furniture and office screens; moreover, compliance with UNI 9429 allows compliance with Par. 3.2.10 of the Minimum Environmental Criteria for Interior Furniture (CAM).

This standard, which came into force on 19 May 2022, replaces the previous version of UNI 9429:2015.

Thanks to the experience gained in the field of conformity assessment and material characterisation, the COSMOB Quality Testing Laboratory is able to test wood products and surfaces according to the latest version of the UNI 9429:2022 standard accredited by ACCREDIA.

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Dott.ssa Ainara Melus Regidor
Chemical Department Technician – Quality Test Laboratory
Auditor – Certification Body