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The Environmental Trends: Minimum Environmental Criteria and Furniture Product Circularity

The data presented in the latest “Greenitaly Report 2020”, confirmed the European primacy of our country in the field of circular economy and waste recycling.
Compared to other European countries, Italy enjoys a good ranking and has fundamental pre-requirements to become a true leader of the circular economy; not by chance our Nation is the only one in Europe to have made mandatory the Minimum Environmental Criteria for Interior Furnishing, with the Ministerial Decree of 11 January 2017 for the supply and rental service of interior furnishings defined for the various stages of the purchase process of the Public Administration, aimed at identifying the best design solution, product or service from an environmental point of view for the whole Product Life Cycle (PLC).

The current evolutionary context and the growing attention to the theme of sustainability, have led to a continuous update of the discipline of CAM, in order to minimize more and more, the potential environmental impact of furniture products throughout their life cycle.

In the year 2021 are coming important updates in view of the publication in the Official Gazette of the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea, the new version of the CAM: in particular it is expected, with a view to achieving objectives related to environmental sustainability, further adaptation of this framework, in order to promote the dissemination of innovative and sustainable public procurement.

In essence, to the so-called “minimum” requirements will be added technical specifications necessary for the design and development of furniture products according to the current principles of the circular economy, such as the material balance; the latter including the composition and quantification of the material resources used in inputs and their destination in output.

In the light of this scenario, COSMOB proposes itself as a qualified entity with ad hoc services for interested companies and more generally to provide 360 degree support on environmental issues, with specific reference to the circular economy.
Currently, we represent the main interlocutor for dozens of leading companies in the sector to obtain environmental awards, through the issuance of the specific certification mark CQP (Cosmob Qualitas Praemium) reported, among others, to the theme of CAM Furniture and to the measurement of Furniture product Circularity.

The basic prerequisite has always been the qualification of the product through specific laboratory tests, aimed at verifying the low emission of dangerous and harmful chemicals (Formaldehyde, Volatile Organic Compounds – VOC)as well as the control of construction materials (plastic coatings, padding) and the verification of conformity of the product with particular regard to durability, safety, robustness and, last but not least, eco-sustainability.

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Eng. Luca Vegliò
Auditor – Certification Body