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USA Export: ASTM F2057-23 is the mandatory standard of garment storage furniture

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has voted in favor of voluntary stability standard ASTM F2057-23 as a new mandatory safety standard for clothing storage furniture required under the STURDY Act “Stop Tip- overs of Unstable, Risky Dressers on Youth”.

This results in the suspension and cancellation of the final CPSC regulation whose entry into force was scheduled for May 24th.

Publication of the new Direct Final Rule, based on ASTM F2057-23, will open a 30-day comment period. If there are no ‘significant adverse comments’ requiring a response from the CPSC, the final rule will be published at the end of the comment period and will take effect after 120 days. This ‘best-case scenario’ points to a projected effective date of September 1, 2023. However, this timeline could be somewhat extended by any delays in the Federal Register’s publication schedule.

The new stability requirements will apply to all clothing storage units that fall within the scope of the standard with a date of manufacture on or after the effective date of the standard.

What is the scope of the new standard?

In the new ASTM F2057-23, the scope of the new federal safety standard for CSUs includes free-standing garment storage units, including but not limited to dressers, closets, wardrobes, writing desks, chests, and dressers, that:

  • have a height equal to or greater than 686 mm; And

  • weigh 13.6 kg or more; And

  • a loadable volume of closed parts greater than 90.6 dm³.

Units must meet all three of the above criteria to fall within the scope of the rule. These criteria were developed to protect children up to 72 months of age, who account for approximately 80% of all CSU (Clothing Storage Unit) rollover-related deaths.

ASTM F2057-23 does not cover shelves such as bookcases or entertainment furniture. It does not cover office furniture, dining room furniture, underbed drawers, jewelry cabinets, linen storage/sorting units or occasional furniture that is not intended for bedroom use.

COSMOB, through the Test Laboratory Division, is already accredited for carrying out the tests required by the new ASTM F2057-23 and is able to verify compliance with the stability requirements of container furniture for clothing intended for the American market.

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