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The safety of collettive spaces

Different types of spaces for collective use such as meeting  and conference rooms, classrooms for training, university classrooms etc.. the need to have ancillary seating intended to accommodate a very large number of people at the same time.

In order to ensure the safety and comfort of those who often use these spaces, the Furniture Commission has recently published the technical report UNI/TR 11796Furniture – Technical specifications type for the supply of seats accessorizable for collective use: this document represents a valid guide for the drawing up of technical specifications for the supply of seatbacks for collective use, together with UNI/TR 11653:2020 and UNI/TR 11654:2020.

Four categories of seatings are covered in the technical report:

  • Individual seats with multifunctional accessories;
  • Seats on bar with tilting seat and fixed base and with fixed or tilting bottom on fixed base;
  • Seats for university classrooms and training rooms, with swivel seat and fixed base and top;
  • Seats can be accessorized on bar with fixed seat and mobile base not fixed to the floor.

What requirements are set out in the specifications?

For each type of seat, the specifications indicate the most appropriate requirements for the materials that compose them, such as metal components( painted or with galvanic coating), finishes of the wood elements, fabrics, leather or materials of the upholstered parts.

In addition, the UNI/TR 11796 indicates the requirements of the finished product in relation to safety, stability, strength and durability.

As regards the fire reaction and formaldehyde emission characteristics from wood-based panel components, they are subject to legislative requirements: to this end, the UNI only reminds the user of the legislative references applicable within two informative appendices.

The UNI/TR 11796:2020 represents an effective summary of the most up-to-date rules to be applied to the different accessory seats for collective use, especially useful to anyone who has to deal with the purchase and procurement procedures of these products.

The COSMOB Quality Testing Laboratory, in addition to carrying out specific tests for compliance with UNI/TR, is able to support furniture companies, issuing on request a specific “Declaration of conformity“.

Fort further information:

Eng. Luca Tomassini
Mechanical Department Manager – Quality Test Laboratory