The market is becoming progressively more attentive and receptive to issues such as quality, health and safety of furniture products, as they are present in the home and work spaces in which we tend to spend more and more time. What is RAL: the German furniture quality mark The RAL quality label identifies a ‘global’
The World Health Organization considers a building to be healthy and safe ‘if it is able to protect the health, promote the physical, social and mental well-being of its occupants through design, construction, maintenance and location that support a sustainable environment and a cohesive community’ ( Ensuring the safety, comfort and health of the people
The standard UNI EN 14428 “Shower enclosures – Functional requirements and test methods” specifies the characteristics of shower enclosures for domestic use so that the product guarantees satisfactory performance when installed and used correctly. What are the requirements for “standard” shower enclosures? Shower enclosures are panel or door arrangements (full or half height) installed around
The best performing companies of the future will be those able to combine intelligent materials with sustainable ones through nanotechnologies and new processes with low environmental impact. Sectors such as transport, technical fabrics, fashion and furniture are among the most demanding and constantly looking for new materials for the rapid evolution of the product in
The transition to an increasingly sustainable economy is one of the key points of the policies implemented by the European Union, the latter focusing on the promotion and development of innovative, sustainable and competitive business models. In this context, the measurement of product circularity has become an essential requirement in order to pursue concrete actions

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The complicated period forced us to remain “distant”, but we managed to be even more united by using technology responsibly. Digitization will allow us to spend the Easter holidays close despite physical distances. Hoping to meet us soon, Happy Easter from COSMOB staff! Our Offices and Laboratories will be closed from Saturday 3 to Monday
The growing awareness of consumer health protection is now a priority for the entire global manufacturing sector, in particular for the wood-furniture sector. Many of the materials used for the production of furniture such as panels, resins and paints can emit highly harmful volatile substances: among these the best known example is certainly formaldehyde. The
The technical issues are constantly evolving and that’s why we thought of a new format for direct updating and sharing of the most important news for the furniture sector. We took one of the most pleasant moments of the day, such as the coffee break and we made it a moment dedicated to technical training
Ensuring the conformity of office chairs produced and marketed is a fundamental prerequisite to ensure working conditions suitable for the protection and safety of end users. To this end, the design of the same office workplaces must take into account ergonomic principles and minimum performance and safety requirements. The dimensional requirements of the seats are
  The traditional and now obsolete “linear economy” model based on the process of “producing, using and decommissioning” has been replaced by a new model of economic growth, that of the “circular economy“. The circular economy is a more sustainable paradigm, involving a wide use of renewable energy sources, reuse of waste and reduction of