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Conformity and safety of the furniture product

The World Health Organization considers a building to be healthy and safe ‘if it is able to protect the health, promote the physical, social and mental well-being of its occupants through design, construction, maintenance and location that support a sustainable environment and a cohesive community’ (euro.who.int).

Ensuring the safety, comfort and health of the people who live and work in living and working environments on a daily basis is now a major theme on which companies are shifting their investments. A paradigm shift is therefore becoming increasingly necessary to rethink the organisation and layout of living and working spaces as well as reviewing the criteria for choosing furniture and technologies to support new ways of working.

Another relevant safety issue relates to air quality in ‘home’ and ‘work’ spaces, which may depend on a variety of factors, including the presence of potentially contaminating furniture due to the emission of highly volatile organic substances (e.g. Volatile Organic Compounds).

The topic of safety in living and working spaces will be the focus of two speeches scheduled for Thursday 9 June 2022 at the Salone del Mobile in Milan:

  • 11 a.m.-12  at the Elleci Office Stand [Hall 12 Stand E06] we will take a closer look at the subject by talking about “Essential safety requirements, regulations and certifications for office furniture “up to standard” with a focus on office chairs and the European standards UNI EN 1335-1:2020 and UNI EN 1335-2:2018 that define the fundamental technical requirements that manufacturers must comply with when designing an ergonomic chair to promote correct posture and ensure the adaptability of the seat to the characteristics of the individual.
  • 4:00 m -4:30 pm @Fuorisalone together with Moretti Compact company we will talk about indoor air quality and in particular how even furniture can impact on the air in confined spaces and how product certification helps companies to control harmful emissions from their production.

For further information:

Dr. Angela Pierini
Marketing & Communication Department Manager