The standard UNI EN 14428 “Shower enclosures – Functional requirements and test methods” specifies the characteristics of shower enclosures for domestic use so that the product guarantees satisfactory performance when installed and used correctly. What are the requirements for “standard” shower enclosures? Shower enclosures are panel or door arrangements (full or half height) installed around

Normative update report 2021

As every year COSMOB intends to provide technical support to companies in the sector through the continuous monitoring of the regulatory framework. The objective is to summarize the main regulatory changes introduced in the current year in order to provide companies with useful information so that they can more easily adapt to the new standards.
The standard UNI EN 14688 “Sanitary appliances – Functional requirements and test methods” specifies the functional requirements and test methods for washbasins for domestic use (including those installed in hotels, hostels, hospitals and similar buildings) and defines all the necessary characteristics of CE marking on these products. What are the requirements for a “compliant” washbasin?
From 1 January 2020, new limits regarding the emission of formaldehyde from raw and coated wood-based panels placed on the German market will come into effect. The news was published in the German Official Journal (BAnz AT 11/26/2018 B2) and it should be emphasized that for the assessment of the formaldehyde emissions a new method
Formaldehyde is a highly volatile colorless gas which is taken by inhalation from the body and therefore carcinogenic to humans (as declared by the “International Agency for Research on Cancer”) and it is present in the glues used for the production of furniture. In order to protect the health of the consumer, the use of formaldehyde
SHanghai ISO
COSMOB attended the ISO Technical Committee meeting for the furniture sector, which was held from 17 to 21 September 2018 in Shangai  The Technical Commission called ISO/TC 136 “Furniture”  has the task of defining and harmonizing the regulatory standards for safety, functionality and health for furnishing products in different countries. This commission brings together the
COSMOB is the perfect ally for certifications and compliance verification with national and international regulations. Product certification is synonymous of security and sustainability and above all a guarantee of competitiveness on the market.   Latest regulations related to outdoor furniture.  SEATING ACCREDITED STANDARDS   UNI EN 581-1:2017 Outdoor furniture – Seating and tables for camping, domestic and
The UNI EN 581-1: 2017 standard specifies the safety requirements for outdoor seating and tables for adults and for: domestic, non domestic and camping use. The 2017 standard replaces the previous edition of 2015 and introduces the following changes: Definitions of domestic, non-domestic and camping use; Definition of tubular components and removal of requirements for
  COSMOB is the perfect ally for obtaining certifications and for verifying compliance with national and international regulations. Certification of its products is synonymous with security and sustainability and above all a guarantee of competitiveness on the market. Below we present the latest environmental news related to the bathroom environment.       WASH BASINS UNI
COSMOB has been chosen as a strategic partner in Paragominas (Brazil) for an important mission dedicated to international technical training for wood-furniture companies. CIN / FIEPA (Federation of Industrialists) in partnership with SEBRAE, the Support Service for Micro and Small Companies in Parà, has promoted international training activities through two days dedicated to “Consumer Trend