Fabrics, upholstery for furnishing accessories, clothing as well as wooden surfaces and flooring can wear out and get ruined over time. For manufacturers it is very important to evaluate the resistance of the product in advance, in order to ensure the final consumer a finished product of durability and quality. Is it possible to assess
The European furniture sector is facing a new phase of transition defined with the term  of “Twin Transition”, in which digitalization and sustainable development play a crucial role for the competitiveness of the sector. These trends are influencing in a transversal way the whole manufacturing sector, in particular also the woodworking and furniture industry, making
The contemporary necessity to limit the environmental impact of the growing resource demand and guarantee the sustainable growth and social well-being drive to search for good practices in order to ensure resource efficiency and a greater circularity of material flows. The circular economy model offers more sustainable solutions where products are used longer and materials

ITS meets Häfele

The training opportunities for the ITS students “Design, prototyping and marketing for furnishing” are continuing: this time in a different way, with a special event organized by Häfele. Häfele has chosen Cosmob as its first stop for its traveling showroom: the LOOX VAN aimed at bringing schools and innovation closer thanks to the initiative “Designing
  The new International Master for the furniture sector, realized under the IM-FUTURE program, was launched with the aim of providing at students the most requested specific skills for the Wood-Furniture sector, and other related competences linked to the internationalization, the use of digital tools, management and entrepreneurship and leadership. The ImFuture project, approved by the Erasmus+  program, 
The FabLab community goes on with the research and development of innovative products through the use of digital manufacturing technologies available in the laboratory. This time the designers of the DG-CRAFT Group, a work team created as part of the CONFAPI COSMOB specialization and high-level training course “Production Designer- Digital Craftman of wood produts”, have
  New projects come to life at the FabLab thanks to the collaboration of designers who use laboratory technologies to create innovative products. It is in the FabLab, that the designers Luca Orazietti, Luca Zanutel, Manuel Piersanti and Ludovico Gennaro designed the ES CUBE or “Escape CUBE“, a product designed, as the name suggests, to
What happens when an Italian furniture company meets a group of international designers? COSMOB launches the 2nd edition of the international design project MONDO DESIGN reserved to 4 Italian Furniture companies that want to approach the North American market through innovative products. GOALS OF THE PROJECT MONDO DESIGN project aims to create concrete connections between
New sales opportunities for Italian exporters in Nigeria. The Nigerian Customs Authority has recently revised the list of products forbidden to be imported, by deleting a number of  furniture  products that can now be placed on the local market, opening up new sales opportunities for Italian companies. Check out here the list of bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, outdoor and office
The Saudi standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has recently announced a new reviewing of the procedures for products (including furniture) imported/exported in Saudi Arabia. This process foresees changes in the Saudi compliance system: the so-called SALEEM, a new product and shipment safety Programme, which replaces the previous SASO Certificate of Conformity (CoC) Programme. SASO