ITS meets Häfele

The training opportunities for the ITS students “Design, prototyping and marketing for furnishing” are continuing: this time in a different way, with a special event organized by Häfele. Häfele has chosen Cosmob as its first stop for its traveling showroom: the LOOX VAN aimed at bringing schools and innovation closer thanks to the initiative “Designing


  PROGRAM 09:00 Registration of the participants 09:15 Welcome greetings 09:30 Intertek Conformity of the products programs: – General characteristics and main objectives – The process of verification of the products conformity News on the certification processes of the following international countries: – Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Gabon, Kurdistan, Libya, Nigeria, Russia and EAEU *, Tanzania,
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Milena Gabanelli talks about ITS, the Higher Technical Institutes and how they are a fundamental resource for the labour market. Did you know that the Pesaro furniture district has its ITS? The specialized training course for the furniture sector (ITS Wood-Furniture) has been held in COSMOB for over 3 years with the contribution of local
In Pesaro was held the general meeting of the ITS Recanati Foundation of the Institutes of Ancona, Pesaro-Urbino-Fano and Recanati for sharing the experiences of the three training courses in order to encourage the development towards increasingly innovative and current fot the territory and local industry with the aim of creating new highly specialized technical
Within the “2 day sharing”, the post-diploma orientation days of the Bramante-Genga in Pesaro, we met students and teachers for a presentation of the ITS path. During the meeting was provided an overview of the opportunities offered by the Higher Technical Instruction and specialized training focused on local industrial sectors. The class have shown active
A key activity of the ITS training program is the English language enhancement through a study trip abroad, a concrete opportunity for students to improve their skills. During the three-week period spent in Malta Island, the students practiced English for 336 hours; studying in Italy for three hours a week would take 112 weeks, or
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A distinguishing feature of The High Technical Institute for Wood and Furniture sector is the solid partnership with local companies, and it provides a unique and significant study path at national level, with the aim to train specialized technicians able to satisfy the needs expressed by sectorial firms. The front lessons have brought students attending
Students attending the first year of the course “Design, prototyping and marketing” of The High Technical Institute for Wood and Furniture sector visited two leading local companies: Scavolini and Biesse. The two training days represented the first approach for students to the company’s production reality; a real opportunity for direct learning on field, along with