Happy Digital Easter

The complicated period forced us to remain “distant”, but we managed to be even more united by using technology responsibly. Digitization will allow us to spend the Easter holidays close despite physical distances. Hoping to meet us soon, Happy Easter from COSMOB staff! Our Offices and Laboratories will be closed from Saturday 3 to Monday
The COSMOB International Research and Studies Centre has been cooperating with the Foresight Methodology for over 5 years, with the aim of forecasting future scenarios, understood as favorable contexts and necessary for the diffusion of new opportunities for enterprises inside a specific territory or productive section. The metodology used is intendet to identify the most
The current technological revolution is involving multiple sectors, and the same cultural bodies and institutions are starting  a progressive process of digital transformation, as a tool for the promotion and enhancement of their cultural and territorial heritage. The use of culture through digitization allows us to create a more inclusive model, accessible to all and

ITS meets Häfele

The training opportunities for the ITS students “Design, prototyping and marketing for furnishing” are continuing: this time in a different way, with a special event organized by Häfele. Häfele has chosen Cosmob as its first stop for its traveling showroom: the LOOX VAN aimed at bringing schools and innovation closer thanks to the initiative “Designing
The FabLab community goes on with the research and development of innovative products through the use of digital manufacturing technologies available in the laboratory. This time the designers of the DG-CRAFT Group, a work team created as part of the CONFAPI COSMOB specialization and high-level training course “Production Designer- Digital Craftman of wood produts”, have


  PROGRAM 09:00 Registration of the participants 09:15 Welcome greetings 09:30 Intertek Conformity of the products programs: – General characteristics and main objectives – The process of verification of the products conformity News on the certification processes of the following international countries: – Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Gabon, Kurdistan, Libya, Nigeria, Russia and EAEU *, Tanzania,
  New projects come to life at the FabLab thanks to the collaboration of designers who use laboratory technologies to create innovative products. It is in the FabLab, that the designers Luca Orazietti, Luca Zanutel, Manuel Piersanti and Ludovico Gennaro designed the ES CUBE or “Escape CUBE“, a product designed, as the name suggests, to
The students of the two classes of the ITS course “Design, prototyping and marketing for furniture” visited the Häfele showroom in Pesaro for a special lesson on innovative products. The visit was an important opportunity for the future designers who were able to learn about the innovative solutions regarding furniture accessories: from handles, to hardware,
The students of the course “Industrial design techniques with eco-compatible materials and 3D printing technologies” discover the rapid prototyping techniques within the FabLab; many prototypes have been made using 3D printing, laser cutting and vinyl cutting techniques. The prototypes are the results of a redesign study of classroom furniture and have been creating during Eco
We have accepted a new challenge: recreate the bust of the greatest Italian composer of the first half of the nineteenth century, Gioachino Rossini, an excellence from Pesaro. The project is the result of the collaboration with Rossinèt, a company founded by a group of students from the Liceo Scientifico di Pesaro, with the intention