Bio-based innovation is driving further paradigm changes in bioeconomy, going beyond the “traditional” transformation of biomass to exploit the biological processes and principles of natural forest resources. Product innovation and bioeconomy: the Forest-Comp project The ambitious goal of producing large-scale bio-composites, starting from renewable resources and not, is the basis of the project FOREST-COMP in
The European furniture sector is facing a new phase of transition defined with the term  of “Twin Transition”, in which digitalization and sustainable development play a crucial role for the competitiveness of the sector. These trends are influencing in a transversal way the whole manufacturing sector, in particular also the woodworking and furniture industry, making
The current technological revolution is involving multiple sectors, and the same cultural bodies and institutions are starting  a progressive process of digital transformation, as a tool for the promotion and enhancement of their cultural and territorial heritage. The use of culture through digitization allows us to create a more inclusive model, accessible to all and
How did the presence of Cosmob in Brazil start in 2012 and what was the main objective of the project? The experience of Cosmob in Brazil started in the early 2000s, with the first missions in 2003. In those years, the strategic objective for a country in strong growth like Brazil, was to identify development
The general assembly of the WoodCircus project was held on 8 July in Helsinki, Finland, at the VTT Technical Research Center. During the meeting the participants discussed the issues of circular economy, recycling and wood waste management and about the updates of the project. In particular, Cosmob explored the topic of wood recycling in Italy in
The FabLab community goes on with the research and development of innovative products through the use of digital manufacturing technologies available in the laboratory. This time the designers of the DG-CRAFT Group, a work team created as part of the CONFAPI COSMOB specialization and high-level training course “Production Designer- Digital Craftman of wood produts”, have
The students of the two classes of the ITS course “Design, prototyping and marketing for furniture” visited the Häfele showroom in Pesaro for a special lesson on innovative products. The visit was an important opportunity for the future designers who were able to learn about the innovative solutions regarding furniture accessories: from handles, to hardware,
We have accepted a new challenge: recreate the bust of the greatest Italian composer of the first half of the nineteenth century, Gioachino Rossini, an excellence from Pesaro. The project is the result of the collaboration with Rossinèt, a company founded by a group of students from the Liceo Scientifico di Pesaro, with the intention
Demo day
DesignTech DemoDay: the event, that will be held on April 13th during the Salone del Mobile, is the first “Open innovation” event dedicated to the Internet of Furniture and to Furniture companies. The event will bring together the best brands of Italian design, large technology companies, designers and innovative start-ups to create a movement of
  COSMOB participated in the Innovawood Network Working Group, which met at the University of Primorska, headquartered in Koper (Slovenia) where the new opportunities for Horizon 2020 wood-furniture industry were discussed. The aim of the meeting was to socialize practical knowledge in writing international projects, including through theoretical-practical workshops and real case studies. These initiatives,