Professional training for the competitiveness of the furniture sector

The European furniture sector is facing a new phase of transition defined with the term  of “Twin Transition”, in which digitalization and sustainable development play a crucial role for the competitiveness of the sector.

These trends are influencing in a transversal way the whole manufacturing sector, in particular also the woodworking and furniture industry, making increasingly important the role of young digital natives and with a “started” sensitivity and attention to the environment.
It is therefore necessary to set up innovative training programmes which will enhance the skills of young Europeans about “green” and “digital” themes, in addition, of course, to the so-called soft skills (transversal skills) that companies constantly demand.

The central role of vocational training for young people: the WOODIGITAL project

In this context, a number of cooperation projects are also being developed at European level, including WOODIGITAL, which has emerged in the wake of previous initiatives such as WOODUAL, FUNES, IM-FUTURE and DIGIT-FUR.
The common feature is the use of the learning system in the wood and furniture sector to improve the digital skills and employability of young people, as well as cooperation between businesses and providers of VET (Education and Vocational Training) across Europe.

The aim is in fact to develop a training system aimed at improving digital skills in young people interested in business opportunities and employment in the wood-furniture sector.

The proposed model is designed to be strongly work-based and equipped with an international mobility component, so as to provide young students with the opportunity to apply knowledge in real working life situations, including in foreign contexts.
The current scenario implies reducing the gap between the needs of companies and the professional profiles of workers, addressing those that have been identified as new areas and market segments with innovative and customized approaches.

The progressive improvement of professional skills will also encourage the research of raw materials in the circular economy as well as the integration of ICT in furniture products.

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