The contemporary necessity to limit the environmental impact of the growing resource demand and guarantee the sustainable growth and social well-being drive to search for good practices in order to ensure resource efficiency and a greater circularity of material flows. The circular economy model offers more sustainable solutions where products are used longer and materials

ITS meets Häfele

The training opportunities for the ITS students “Design, prototyping and marketing for furnishing” are continuing: this time in a different way, with a special event organized by Häfele. Häfele has chosen Cosmob as its first stop for its traveling showroom: the LOOX VAN aimed at bringing schools and innovation closer thanks to the initiative “Designing
The general assembly of the WoodCircus project was held on 8 July in Helsinki, Finland, at the VTT Technical Research Center. During the meeting the participants discussed the issues of circular economy, recycling and wood waste management and about the updates of the project. In particular, Cosmob explored the topic of wood recycling in Italy in
  The new International Master for the furniture sector, realized under the IM-FUTURE program, was launched with the aim of providing at students the most requested specific skills for the Wood-Furniture sector, and other related competences linked to the internationalization, the use of digital tools, management and entrepreneurship and leadership. The ImFuture project, approved by the Erasmus+  program, 
The FabLab community goes on with the research and development of innovative products through the use of digital manufacturing technologies available in the laboratory. This time the designers of the DG-CRAFT Group, a work team created as part of the CONFAPI COSMOB specialization and high-level training course “Production Designer- Digital Craftman of wood produts”, have
We are back on formaldehyde; this time we are in Denmark where we participated in the annual meeting of European certification bodies (TPC) which took place during the days of 22-23 May, at the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) based in Aahrus.  The main European certification bodies of all Europe were present at the CETPC working table
  New projects come to life at the FabLab thanks to the collaboration of designers who use laboratory technologies to create innovative products. It is in the FabLab, that the designers Luca Orazietti, Luca Zanutel, Manuel Piersanti and Ludovico Gennaro designed the ES CUBE or “Escape CUBE“, a product designed, as the name suggests, to
The students of the two classes of the ITS course “Design, prototyping and marketing for furniture” visited the Häfele showroom in Pesaro for a special lesson on innovative products. The visit was an important opportunity for the future designers who were able to learn about the innovative solutions regarding furniture accessories: from handles, to hardware,
  TARGET The aim of the conference is to present the Call for Proposals “Strategic Project for Living System”, the result of the work carried out by the Regional Director for the wood-furniture sector, made up of the Marche Region together with FederlegnoArredo and Confindustria Marche. The call for proposals will be funded 50% of


  New EPA regulation on formaldehyde emissions   TARGET The EPA – Environment Protection Agency anticipated the entry into force in the United States of America of the regulation on the issue of formaldehyde from the composite wood products “Formaldehyde Emission Standards for Composite Wood Products Rule” by adopting the formaldehyde emission limits set by