ImFuture: the online International Master for the Furniture sector


The new International Master for the furniture sector, realized under the IM-FUTURE program, was launched with the aim of providing at students the most requested specific skills for the Wood-Furniture sector, and other related competences linked to the internationalization, the use of digital tools, management and entrepreneurship and leadership.

The ImFuture project, approved by the Erasmus+  program,  involved  Universities, training institutions and representatives of the furniture sector since 2016. The Master is in fact the result of the synergic work of the partners, and unifies the needs of the participants who are approaching the sector in a different way, with the needs of the students and the community.

Cosmob participated in the project as a technical partner, and in addition to supporting the initial design phase of the master,  it collaborated in the realization of part of the content by exploiting the skills present in the laboratory. In particular, the staff  have worked on topics related to Industry 4.0 and enabling technologies, quality management and innovative materials with low environmental impact.

The Master is free and accessible through an online platform to which the student can connect  choosing when, where to study and the specialization program.  Through presentations, videos, bibliographic material and images, the students can apporoach topics related to production, design, the world of business and research. At the end of the Master, an official certificate valid throughout the European Union will be issued to the students.

The contents of the Master are already available on the project website, while registrations will soon be open to all interested parties.

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