ITS meets Häfele

ITS meets Hafele

The training opportunities for the ITS students “Design, prototyping and marketing for furnishing” are continuing: this time in a different way, with a special event organized by Häfele.

Häfele has chosen Cosmob as its first stop for its traveling showroom: the LOOX VAN aimed at bringing schools and innovation closer thanks to the initiative “Designing light through an innovative lighting system for furniture and environments”

ITS meets Hafele    ITS meets Hafele    ITS meets Hafele

The students had the opportunity to discover the new innovative lighting design tools, factors that play a fundamental role in furnishing interior spaces.

The training opportunities organized for students of the ITS course are many: not only the classroom lectures aimed at providing the knowledge and basic tools of design and prototyping for furnishing, but above all these events that allow students to interface with the business realities in an unconventional way.