DG BOOK: from the object to the storytelling thanks to the FabLab technologies


The FabLab community goes on with the research and development of innovative products through the use of digital manufacturing technologies available in the laboratory.

This time the designers of the DG-CRAFT Group, a work team created as part of the CONFAPI COSMOB specialization and high-level training course “Production Designer- Digital Craftman of wood produts”, have created a product that combines the world of Hand Made and digital manufacturing: the DGBOOK, a product that is not only a design object, but also a product capable of telling a story.

DGBOOK: technologies used and functionality

The DGBOOK was made by combining the ancient technique of Diorama with digital manufacturing techniques, and then assembled in a traditional way. The dioramas are scenarios composed of several elements that all revolve around a main theme and allow to reproduce real or imaginary scenarios in which to insert each type of subject and tell a story.

The story that the DG BOOK tells, is that of the experience of the designers who attended the course: from the partial knowledge of digital fabrication techniques, of product and material design and planning methods, to the possibility of being able to create a prototype that perfectly combines craftsmanship and the use of digital tools for the creation of innovative products.

DG BOOK, thai is equipped with an electonic component so it can be used as a light source,  was designed to be inserted in a bookcase to tell the literary genre of the books present in it or to tell a personal story.

DG BOOK was delivered at the final event of the CONFAPI COSMOB course to all the companies that contributed and supported the students during their training.



For the event, the object was delivered inside a shopper that is also totally hand-made: from the spinning of the fabric, through the packaging phase, to the creation and application of the laser-etched wood label.