From the project to the object with rapid prototyping

The students of the course “Industrial design techniques with eco-compatible materials and 3D printing technologies” discover the rapid prototyping techniques within the FabLab; many prototypes have been made using 3D printing, laser cutting and vinyl cutting techniques.

The prototypes are the results of a redesign study of classroom furniture and have been creating during Eco Design classes with the aim of creating new products with a contemporary aesthetic, with multiple functions and designed to be made exclusively with eco materials -enabled.


PAD71: ergonomic seat (scale 1: 2).

Prototyping technique: laser cutting and 3D printing.



Tadia 3.0: Seat (scale 1:2)
Prototyping technique: 3D printing.



Revagna: Blackboard (scale 1: 5).
Prototyping technique: laser cutting.