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New Foresight governance in Brazil

Understand the present perspectives in order to plan actions, strategies and investments for the future; with this objective has been launched a new Foresight governance for the sector of the agro-industry in the state of Paraná, Brazil.

COSMOB international studies and research area, in partnership with Conèct Consultoria, is cooperating with Sebrae/Pr with the aim of defining the new technological scenarios that will affect the main factors of development of the agri-food chain, such as: better quality, a lower cost of production as a consequence of new technologies and the improvement of logistics.

Latest Foresight results has been presented last week in Cascavel:  “The development and diffusion of new technologies are essential for the growth of production and productivity” explains Edson Braga, consultant at Sebrae /Pr “therefore with the Foresight project, carried out in collaboration with the Cosmob technological center, we intend to improve competitiveness of the agro-industry and strengthen the whole sector and the regional economy “.

The Foresight methodology has already been successfully applied to the civil construction sector of Paranà involving over 80 Brazilian companies and more than 20 institutions between universities, laboratories and technology centers in Italy and Brazil.

BR – “Metodologia italiana para identificar cenarios tecnologicos”