“Italian Furniture Origin” certification: the reference Mark for Italian furniture

The “Made in Italy” has always been synonymous with quality, creativity and productive excellence, skillfully combining innovation and respect for tradition: these are the characteristics that distinguish the Wood-Furniture sector.
The value of Made in Italy is an important source of competitive advantage at an international level, especially for small and medium-sized furniture companies that make up a large part of the Italian supply chain.


This value was made objective on 2 March 2017 with the publication of UNI 11674:2017 “Furniture – Requirements for the determination of the Italian origin of furniture”.

The standard pays attention to the fulfillment of two important requirements, namely:
Process requirements: the significant phases (processing to manufacture semi-finished products and finished products, final assembly and packaging) must be carried out in Italy.
Product requirements: Finished products must meet minimum safety, strength and durability requirements according to the relevant technical standards (as specified in UNI 11674).


COSMOB has always recognized the importance of the Italian origin of furniture and is at the side of companies that want to enhance their production by certifying the origin and quality of Italian furniture Made in Italy.

With the Cosmob Qualitas Praemium  “Italian Furniture Origin” certification, COSMOB has defined a specific certification scheme, that allows manufacturers to obtain a competitive advantage and at the same time to provide a guarantee to the final consumer with a view to greater transparency and reliability of the product.

In particular, the certification scheme, in accordance with UNI 11674, applies to the following types of furniture:

  • domestic and collective (seats, tables, storage furniture, beds and mattresses);
  • office (work chairs, desks, storage cabinets, partition screens);
  • school (seats, desks, blackboards);
  • children (cots, boxes, beds and bunk beds, changing tables).

The core of the certification scheme is the mark “Italian Furniture Origin”, a tool for qualification and enhancement of the furniture product Made in Italy.
Today more and more leading Italian furniture companies choose COSMOB to certify the quality of their products, the result of the best skills in terms of Italian design and originality, which have always distinguished the value of “Made in Italy” globally.

We will continue, with dedication and enthusiasm, to promote the values of Made in Italy to contribute to the enhancement of products, also through the commitment to regulatory technical committees, to expand the fields of application of UNI 11674 to all Italian productions.

More info:
Giovanni Tosi
R&D Department Manager – Research Center