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The U.S. Environment Protection Agency anticipated to the 1th of June 2018 the entry into force in the United States of the “Formaldehyde Emission Standards for Composite Wood Products Rule” TSCA Title VI, adopting the limits of formaldehyde emissions of the “California Air Resources Board” CARB P2. This regulation requires producers, importers, distributors and panel

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  Certifications and mandatory tests for the export of furniture products   OBJECTIVE The objective of the workshop is to understand the requirements of the compliance control programs currently in force in these countries and to illustrate the different existing certification paths. It will also provide a complete overview of the tools necessary to interact
  TARGET The aim of the conference is to present the Call for Proposals “Strategic Project for Living System”, the result of the work carried out by the Regional Director for the wood-furniture sector, made up of the Marche Region together with FederlegnoArredo and Confindustria Marche. The call for proposals will be funded 50% of
In Pesaro was held the general meeting of the ITS Recanati Foundation of the Institutes of Ancona, Pesaro-Urbino-Fano and Recanati for sharing the experiences of the three training courses in order to encourage the development towards increasingly innovative and current fot the territory and local industry with the aim of creating new highly specialized technical


  New EPA regulation on formaldehyde emissions   TARGET The EPA – Environment Protection Agency anticipated the entry into force in the United States of America of the regulation on the issue of formaldehyde from the composite wood products “Formaldehyde Emission Standards for Composite Wood Products Rule” by adopting the formaldehyde emission limits set by
Within the “2 day sharing”, the post-diploma orientation days of the Bramante-Genga in Pesaro, we met students and teachers for a presentation of the ITS path. During the meeting was provided an overview of the opportunities offered by the Higher Technical Instruction and specialized training focused on local industrial sectors. The class have shown active